How It Works: You can open the application either with the icon on your desktop or by going to your Start menu and finding the application there. Instaburner gives you many options of types of CDs that you can create. Just click on the correct type that you are looking for. When you have done this, you will be able to see all of your files and even add more to the project that you are working on. While you are adding files to the disc that you are burning, you will notice a blue bar on the bottom of the application that indicates how much space is left on your disc. Once you are done adding all of your files, go to the "Actions" option in the top menu, then "Burn Compilation" and choose whichever type of disc you would like to burn. When you have completed a project, it is easy to create a new one by just clicking on the corresponding tab which will show you the choices for your new project.